If there are any problems with Amphenol Antenna Solutions’ products, please follow these steps and guidelines to facilitate a quick resolution.

This process is in place to reduce the downtime, eliminate unnecessary freight and minimize tower climbs.  To provide the best support, call Amphenol Antenna Solutions TECHNICAL SUPPORT TEAM (+1.779.970.1605) from the site to troubleshoot in real-time.


Please prepare the following information before contacting Technical Support:

  • Name, phone number, email address, company name
  • Carrier/purchaser name
  • Type of product(s) – Antenna, RET, TMA, SCU, Smart Bias-T, etc.
  • Model and serial number of product(s) – pictures preferred
  • The original purchase order number(s) if available
  • Site name
  • Detailed description of the problem/issue
  • If the product is on the tower or ground
  • Pretest data if a new install
  • Relevant screen shots
  • Detailed troubleshooting steps already taken


Contact a Technical Support Specialist via our website or by phone +1 (779) 970-1605.

  • The Technical Support Specialist will assist in troubleshooting the problem over the phone.
  • If Technical Support is unable to resolve the problem, they will assign a TSR #.


Fill out all relevant information on the RMA Form, have it signed by the original purchaser (or authorized representative), and return to the Technical Support department ([email protected]). 

  • The RMA process cannot begin until the signed and completed form has been returned.
  • Once the form is returned, the Technical Support department will coordinate the return of the product for investigation.
  • Proper packaging and removal of the mounting brackets are required steps to follow to avoid any damage during transit.
  • Damaged antenna(s) and/or installed brackets affect our ability to test the antennas and will void the RMA.


It is recommended for the installation crew to again call Technical Support during the installation/testing of the replacement unit to ensure successful completion of the RMA process.


There are circumstances in which a Purchase Order and payment will be requested for the replacement antenna and freight costs.  These include:

  • If a replacement is required and there is not enough time for evaluation of the existing product.
  • If the failure cannot be replicated once it has been received back at the factory.
  • If units have been damaged either internally or externally.
  • If the faulty product is not received by Amphenol Antenna Solutions within 30 days of the replacement being delivered.

Revision 02/16/2021