Transmission Line Products

  • Feeder Cable

    Feeder Cable (5)

    Standard and Superflexible RF coaxial feeder cable.
  • Outdoor Jumper Cable Assemblies

    Outdoor Jumper Cable Assemblies (35)

    Designed for outdoor applications under extreme conditions with high flexibility and small bending diameters.  Available in a variety of cable lengths and connector combinations.
  • Indoor Jumper Cable Assemblies

    Indoor Jumper Cable Assemblies (19)

    Low PIM flexible jumpers for indoor applications
  • Phasing Harnesses

    Phasing Harnesses (3)

    Phasing and matching harnesses can be used to combine multiple antennas into one output or to split antenna signals into multiple paths.
  • AISG Cable

    AISG Cable (3)

    AISG compliant cable solutions for daisy-chaining or data feed.  Available in a variety of lengths from 50 cm to 130 meters.
  • RF Connectors & Adaptors

    RF Connectors & Adaptors (63)

    RF connectors and adaptors are available in 4.3-10, 7-16 DIN and N type with male and female interfaces. One-piece pin design with O-ring seals.  Suited for both copper and aluminum cables.
  • Surge Arrestors

    Surge Arrestors (3)

    Protect cell sites against overvoltage damage with coaxial surge arrestors.
  • Feeder Clamps

    Feeder Clamps (6)

    High-grade feeder clamps designed for trouble-free installation.  A variety of types available depending on the number of cables to be secured.
  • Grounding Kits

    Grounding Kits (2)

    Grounding kits for discharging lightning strikes that occur to ground.  Available for 1/4", 1/2", 7/8", 1-1/4" and 1-5/8".
  • Weather-Proofing

    Weather-Proofing (9)

    Easy to install weather-proofing options to seal out the environment and protect your cable.
  • Tools

    Tools (3)

    Easy to use assembly tools allow quick preparation of cables, ensuring proper connector attachment.