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Connecting People + Technology

Amphenol Antenna Solutions (AAS) is a division of Amphenol Corporation, an $8.6 billion revenue NYSE company supplying to diverse markets including the mobile networks, automotive, military/aerospace, information technology and medical sectors.

Amphenol Corporation was founded in 1932 and employs over 80,000 worldwide with product development and manufacturing operations in 70 countries across six continents.

Amphenol Antenna Solutions was established with the singular focus of designing and manufacturing high performance antennas.

Today, the company is a leading global solutions provider for wireless infrastructure systems offering over 6,000 products with best-in-class performance.

Amphenol Antenna Solutions specializes in BTS and Small Cell Antennas for macro, iDAS and oDAS systems but also offers transmission line products and other RF peripherals.


Amphenol Antenna Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for virtually all applications and global frequencies, with product available from the top of the tower to the base station.


AAS operates from six strategically located factories in the USA, Mexico, France, UK, India and Macedonia. Currently, over 32,000 square meters of antenna production space is in use with a capacity of 400,000 antennas per year and the option to expand as needed. The company has over 50 product lines in place ensuring product for virtually all global applications and networks.


AAS is certified under ISO 9001:2015 for the design, development and manufacture of Base Station, InBuilding/Microcell/DAS, VHF/UHF/SHF, Automobile and Marine antennas. All antennas must pass the strict quality management system guidelines at each production facility. Rigorous testing includes PIM and VSWR, range testing, mechanical analysis and environmental testing.

Technical Innovation

State-of-the-art research labs with teams of design engineers are located in each regional market. Amphenol engineering design teams work collaboratively with OEMs and carriers designing product to meet the specific requirements of each regional market. This allows Amphenol Antenna Solutions to remain at the forefront of antenna design. Amphenol currently partners with some of the largest OEMs and carriers in more than 80 countries.

A Diverse Product Mix

Amphenol Antenna Solutions is part of Amphenol Wireless Solutions

Bringing complete wireless infrastructure solutions to the market

Our Mission

Amphenol Antenna Solutions is committed to fostering consultative partnerships with customers, applying insight regarding antenna technology to the industry’s RF challenges. Amphenol Antenna Solutions will offer support to customers with a sense of urgency, maintaining quick decision paths in order to provide solutions and answers to customer questions promptly.

Amphenol Antenna Solutions will maintain cutting-edge antenna technology, so that customers can continue to enhance their network performance as new technologies emerge. The company will focus not only on quality, durability and exceptional performance, but also on efficiency of antenna design so that lead times meet customers’ demanding schedules.

Choices and unique solutions will be made available to cover virtually all coverage issues. Technical information and expertise will be readily available and easily accessible so that customers may make timely and informed decisions.

The company promises to maintain a consistent method of evaluating these facets of the organization in order to exceed expectations on a daily basis – because for Amphenol Antenna Solutions, customer service is a culture, not a department.

AMPHENOL is committed to significantly investing in the QUALITY of our products and services with the goal of exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our History

Amphenol Antenna Solutions has nearly 100 years combined experience in antenna design and manufacturing.


Amphenol Corporation was founded in Chicago in 1932 by entrepreneur Arthur J. Schmitt, whose first product was a tube socket for radio tubes.  Amphenol is a portmanteau from the corporation’s original name, American Phenolic Corp.  Amphenol expanded significantly during World War II, when the company became the primary manufacturer of connectors used in military hardware, including airplanes and radios.


Jaybeam Ltd. was established in 1948 in the UK as a developer of high reliability antennas serving the broadcast and military markets.  The company expanded over the years becoming a supplier of PMR/Trunked Radio and Cellular Base Station antennas for a worldwide customer base.  In 1987, Jaybeam Ltd. joined with MAT Equipment adding Vehicular Mobile, Portable and Marine Mobile antennas to the product portfolio.  In 2005, the company acquired CSA Wireless and changed their name to Jaybeam Wireless.


Antel International was founded in Sweden in 1979 by Stefan Eriksson with the sole purpose of designing and manufacturing base station antennas.  The first project for the company was providing antennas for the Swedish nationwide cellular market.  Antel antennas quickly became known for quality construction and consistent performance due in part to the all-mechanical design referred to as True Transmission Line Technology, a design adapted from the broadcast industry.


Amphenol Corporation acquires Antel International.  Antel has established core strengths in the Americas market.  The company is renamed Amphenol Antel, Inc.


Amphenol Corporation acquires Jaybeam Wireless.  Jaybeam has established core strengths in the Middle East and Europe.  The company begins operating under the name Amphenol Jaybeam.


The two companies, Amphenol Antel and Amphenol Jaybeam, unite to form Amphenol Antenna Solutions.  One Source – Global Site Solutions.


Amphenol Wireless Solutions (AWS) was established in 2016 and is the umbrella brand of six unified Amphenol companies (including AAS) operating together to bring complete wireless infrastructure solutions to the market.  The other contributing companies include Times Microwave Systems, Times Fiber Communications, Amphenol Fuyang, Amphenol Fiber Optic Products and Amphenol Private Networks.