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Network evolution creates waste

The evolution of mobile networks drives constant upgrades to base station antennas. Meaning a huge amount of equipment gets scrapped while fully functional.

Waste contributes to climate change

In the place of scrapped antennas, thousands of new ones are mounted every year.  Each with a carbon footprint that contributes to climate change.

MNOs cut their carbon footprint

Operators across the world are taking action.  They are the fastest adopters of the United Nations’ Race to Zero campaign, which commits to carbon neutrality.

13 European GSMA members plan to cut their carbon footprint by 47% as early as 2030.

Which means the industry needs lower carbon footprint antenna solutions now.

GSMA Climate Action Taskforce Members

Introducing the world's first upgradeable antenna


Cut your carbon footprint by 50%

To address the issue of waste, carbon footprint and network evolution, we present Integra, the world’s first antenna upgrade program:

  • Latest technology via NodeLine antenna family
  • 50% of the carbon footprint
  • Upgrade installed & stock antennas
  • Two-year warranty
  • Fully tested and certified
  • Same price as standard antenna

To see the details of the carbon footprint saving, download our Carbon Saving Whitepaper.

Download Integra brochure

NodeLine: The Integra-ready base station antenna family

Up to 20 connectors and smooth upgrade to active and passive 5G

Best in class 4G performance

  • 472mm platform, shaped radome for best-in-class wind load
  • Wide dynamic, independent tilt range in all bands, includes MET override
  • 1400 ready – innovative, independent & flexibility guaranteed

Your gateway to 4G/5G co-existence

NodeLine allows you to seamlessly integrate a 5G antenna on top of your 4G antenna without any visual compromise – creating the perfect bridge between 4G and 5G.

Download NodeLine brochure

Integra in your network?

The time of waste is coming to an end. Integra enables you to keep up to date while reducing your burden on the planet.  Explore how it might fit into your network by contacting your local Amphenol Antenna Solutions office.  Fill in the form.

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