The Latest News from Amphenol Antenna Solutions


April 5, 2017

Airrays Gmbh & Amphenol Antenna Solutions Active Antenna

Amboise (France), April 2017 – Airrays GmbH and Amphenol Antenna Solutions (AAS) have successfully presented their active antenna at MWC in Barcelona. This solution is a tangible technological step forward in the perspective of the migration to 5G.  It embeds advanced digital beamforming and FD-MIMO schemes for optimum capacity gain. Its CPRI interface to the baseband unit enables easy integration in existing RAN infrastructure and can also be interfaced with gateway to the IP network. Last but not least, the Total Cost of Ownership of this solution is superior to any kind of capacity solution like small cell or macrocell layers.


January 12, 2017

Twin+, the New Generation of TwinLine Antennas

Amboise (France), January 13, 2017 – Amphenol Antenna Solutions (AAS), the global supplier of Antenna Solutions and Accessories, today introduced a new generation of its famous TwinLine antenna platform, called Twin+. Twin+ brings carriers the perfect antenna solution for multiband operations and all MIMO schemes across the full range of cellular technologies from 700 MHz up to 2.6 GHz. It inherits the well-proven AAS TwinLine technology built around 2 low band columns for a connectivity up to 20 ports. With integrated RET, new types of 4.3-10 connectors and compatibility with SDL 1400 MHz, Twin+ sets the ideal path towards 5G.