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MA636AZ10 Connector, FME / BNC
MA636AZ11 Connector, FME / TNC
MA636AZ12 Connector, FME / N
MA636AZ13 Connector, FME / Mini UHF
MA636AZ14 Connector, FME / SMA socket
MA636AZ15 Connector, FME / angled TNC
MA636AZ16 Connector, FME / SMA plug
MA636AZ17 Connector, FME / FME plug
MA700AZ10 Connector, Tuning at the factory
MA700KV01 Connector, To be crimped on RG58 C/U
MA700KV02 Connector, With packing gland on RG58 C/U
MA715AZ06 Connector, FME
MA715AZ28 Connector, UHF plug with reducer
MA715AZ30 Connector, N plug
MA715AZ31 Connector, BNC plug
MA715AZ32 Connector, TNC plug
MA715AZ33 Connector, UHF plug
MA715AZ34 Connector, Mini UHF plug
MA715AZ35 Connector, N plug
MA715AZ36 Connector, BNC plug
MA715AZ37 Connector, TNC plug
MA715AZ38 Connector, Watertight UHF plug
MA715AZ39 Connector, N Socket
MA715AZ40 Connector, SMA socket
MA715AZ41 Connector, SMA plug
MA715AZ43 Connector, QLA plug
MA715AZ53 Connector, UHF plug / angled UHF socket
MA715AZ54 Connector, BNC plug /, N Socket
MA715AZ55 Connector, UHF socket / UHF socket
MA715AZ56 Connector, TNC plug / UNC socket
MA715AZ57 Connector, BNC plug / UHF socket
MA715KV05 Connector, FME + mounting on RG58 C/U
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