Antennas Antennas
Base Station, Tri-Sector Base Station, Inbuilding/Microcell/DAS, UHF/VHF/SHF, Microwave, Military, Automobile and Marine Antennas
RET Control Systems RET Control Systems

View typical RET system diagrams (with and without Smart Bias-Ts), view and select RET system components (from control units to cables), download RET software or review and download installation guies.

Canister & Cylindrical Antenna Solutions Canister & Cylindrical Antenna Solutions
Accessories for cylindrical antennas (rooftop supports, extensions, flag adapters kits).  UNICELL brand products to create custom cylindrical installations.  UNICELL enclosures conceal one, two or three off-the-shelf antennas and are available with accessories such as mounting masts, cable access cannisters and lightning protection kits. 
Transmission Line Products Transmission Line Products

Feeder Cable, Jumper Cables, RF Connectors & Adaptors, Grounding Kits, Feeder Clamps, Grounding Bars, Terminators, Tools.

Couplers/Splitters Couplers/Splitters
Tubular power splitters, microstrip splitters, directional couplers.
Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMAs), Mast Head Amplifiers (MHAs), Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs).  For 700, 800, 900, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2600 and 900/1800 MHz.
Filters/Combiners Filters/Combiners
Diplexers, triplexers and quadruplexers
Antenna Accessories Antenna Accessories

Accessories to mount and modify antennas, including phasing harness and mounting bracket system kits.