Download Pattern Files

Select the pattern format from the list below.  Download a zip file containing all antenna pattern files
currently available in that format. 

If you're unable to find a particular antenna model, please contact us at

Pattern File Format File Extension   Last Updated

Aircom Asset .txt  August 2017
ATOLL .txt  August 2017
CE4 .txt  August 2017
CelCad or ASCII .hor/.ver  August 2017
CelPlan .txt  August 2017
EDX .pat  August 2017
GeoPlan .vwa  August 2017
Granet .pat  August 2017
Hydra .adf  August 2017
iBwave .vex August 2017
LCC or ANET .ant  August 2017
Mentum Planet .pafx  August 2017
NetPlan .h/.v  August 2017
Odyssey .txt  August 2017
PathLoss .adf  August 2017
Planet EV .dpa  August 2017
Planet or MSI .pln/.txt  August 2017
Wizard .apf  August 2017