Twin+, the New Generation of TwinLine Antennas


January 12, 2017

Contact:  Arnaud Baron
Marketing Director EMEA-APAC

Twin+, the New Generation of TwinLine Antennas


Amboise (France), January 13, 2017 – Amphenol Antenna Solutions (AAS), the global supplier of Antenna Solutions and Accessories, today introduced a new generation of its famous TwinLine antenna platform, called Twin+. Twin+ brings carriers the perfect antenna solution for multiband operations and all MIMO schemes across the full range of cellular technologies from 700 MHz up to 2.6 GHz. It inherits the well-proven AAS TwinLine technology built around 2 low band columns for a connectivity up to 20 ports. With integrated RET, new types of 4.3-10 connectors and compatibility with SDL 1400 MHz, Twin+ sets the ideal path towards 5G.

TwinLine architecture, consisting in 2 low band columns side-by-side with high band arrays interleaved, is a well-matured and well-mastered technology of AAS portfolio. Hence, TwinLine has enabled network sharing and antenna sharing operations for long. The design challenge was twofold:  first control the patterns of 2 side-by-side antennas hosted in a radome of reasonable width, TwinLine width being down to 432 mm only, and second keep the total weight and wind load as small as possible in order to cope with installation constraints in the field and tower and mast loading. Thanks to their shaped profile, TwinLine antennas have best in class wind load performance and definitely ease site acquisition and site built. Indeed, their low wind load helps reuse existing masts, thus saving time and money for network expansion. Wind load can be up to 50% less than equivalent antennas from the market. Moreover, their slim design leads to tremendous reduction in weight, allowing installers to easily carry and install the antenna in the field. TwinLine is thus the natural choice for all ultra wide band multiband applications.

Twin+ is a tangible step forward. It not only benefits from all TwinLine key features, both electrical and mechanical, but also adds even more connectivity up to 16+ ports, it comes with native 4.3-10 connectors and also AAS integrated and patented Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) technology with manual override. Twin+ encompasses AAS antenna patterns key characteristics : maximum gain, improved upper side lobe suppression due to its unique phase-shifting architecture and also optimum control of the tilt. These strengths are key contributors to network end to end KPIs and also contribute to maximizing the return on investment of the RF chain. Twin+ is compatible with Supplementary Downlink @1400 MHz (SDL 1400), compatible with 4T4R operation in all frequency bands (4 Transmit / 4 Receive typically for MIMO 4x4) and Twin+ embeds filter technology in low band and high band, thus there is no doubt that Twin+ is the choice for today and tomorrow.

TwinLine and Twin+ AAS product ranges are the appropriate answer to roll-out challenges for new LTE bands both in urban and rural areas. With Twin+, the successful TwinLine family now adds all what is mandatory in order to cope with traffic booming and capacity overlays.

About Amphenol Antenna Solutions
Amphenol Antenna Solutions is a division of Amphenol Corporation, a $6.2 billion revenue NYSE company supplying to diverse markets including the mobile networks, automotive, military/aerospace, information technology and industrial sectors. Amphenol Corporation was founded in 1932 and employs over 45,000 worldwide with product development and manufacturing operations in 30 countries. 

Amphenol Antenna Solutions (AAS) was established with the singular focus of designing and manufacturing high performance antennas. Today, the company is a leading global solutions provider for wireless infrastructure systems, offering over 6,000 products with best in class performance.

AAS specializes in BTS and Small Cell antennas for Macro, iDAS and oDAS systems but also offers a complete line of site solutions, including transmission line products and RET system components.  The company operates from seven strategically located factories to serve the global market and remains committed to Connecting People + Technology.

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Arnaud Baron
Marketing Director EMEA-APAC
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